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A metal roof installed by Zeus Roofing & Cladding Ltd is by far one of the greenest and longest lasting types of roofing materials. Professionally installed metal roofs will protect your home or business from rain, snow, high winds / hurricanes, ice dams, fires, lightening, etc. No other type of roof will stand up to the power of nature as well as a metal roof. In addition to superior waterproofing and water-shedding properties, metal roofing also makes your home look beautiful, making it the envy of the neighborhood.

Variation include Standing Seam – vertical metal roofing panels, installed over a solid roof deck or over space sheeting / battens. and Architectural Standing Seam – snap-lock or mechanical lock design with concealed fasteners. Uses 22-26 gauge steel, .032-.040 aluminum, 16 oz copper, Zinc or other premium metals.


Environmentally friendly copper products for roofing and cladding offer an architecturally aesthetic finish in Patented, Classic or Oxide. Depending on the environment and climate all untreated copper roofing systems will eventually turn to the green patented colour over time.

Copper offers a character and durability that no other metal roof can match. Its appearance can complement any style of building, from the traditional to the modern. Its warmth and beauty make it a preferred material for many architects. Copper’s resistance to the elements ranks among the highest of modern roofing materials.

When properly designed and installed, a copper roof provides an economical, long-term roofing solution. Its low life cycle costs are attributable to the low maintenance.


EPDM Roof Systems
EPDM roofing systems, also known as single-ply systems, are factory-fabricated, rubber-roofing membranes, which are available in several thicknesses. Primarily, they are synthetic single-layer sheets of ethylene propylene diene monomer. EPDM systems can be installed using a variety of methods, including loose-laid and ballasted, fully adhered, or mechanically attached means.

Thermoplastic Roof Systems
This roofing system is similar to the EPDM system. However, its synthetic single-ply membrane sheets are made of a number of other materials, most commonly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO). These membranes are available in a variety of thicknesses and colours.


Built-up Roof Systems
Built-up roofing systems, which have been used for almost 150 years, consist of multiple plies of reinforcing felts laid shingle fashion into continuous moppings of hot asphalt or cold adhesives. The system is then covered with aggregate set in an asphalt flood coat or final cold adhesive application. The plies can consist of organic membranes or glass fiber membranes.

Green Roof
Living roofs are an innovative yet time-honoured roofing solution that incorporates living plant materials. Living roofs have proven to lower heating and cooling costs, reduce greenhouse gases and extend a roof’s lifespan.


When looking for a modern, cost effective, environmental wall cladding system metal is an excellent choice. New metal panels can be installed over almost any other type of cladding including brick, block, precast concrete, stucco or even existing metal systems.

The possibilities of cladding profiles and colours are practically endless. New metal cladding will increase the aesthetic appeal of a dated or damaged building.

Not only do these metal systems provide an attractive solution having a building sided in metal will not only save you money because of how much less energy you will use to heat and cool your home or business. Metal cladding may cost a little more, but in the long run you will see how it pays off.


Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a versatile product that not only is functional and durable, it creates a “High Tech” look that is extremely desirable. Panels are truly flat. Aluminum Composite Material panels are used in applications such as entrance canopies, wall systems, facades, soffits, monument signage, or other architectural elements.

Constructing a proper building envelope and providing long-term protection, such as found with architectural metal cladding, can reduce maintenance and repair cost associated with weathering and general wear and tear.

In addition ACM has the added benefit of versatility. it can be applied to any type of project and can achieve a variety of different looks and styles.


Conventional roofing and slating remains a popular choice and integrates well with zinc and copper and we provide a full range of roofing solutions including constructing and cladding the roof (truss or full cut roof with dormers and architectural features) in full from wall plate to conclusion.

Drive through nearly any neighborhood and you can see that roofs have many different shapes. Houses have gable, hipped, mansard, gambrel, flat, and shed roofs. Many homes combine roof types on one roof. It’s quite common, for example, to see a hipped roof with gable dormers. Roof shape is one of the key factors in setting the architectural style of a house. We employ premium materials through all stages of conventional roofing and all our tradesmen are first class.


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